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An intersection is a place where things converge, and that’s where I come in—at the intersection of business and personal. The place where you or your organization have stopped, unsure, and presented with choices—a pause between this, and what’s next.

It’s the moment you get an email from a client or colleague that sends you sideways because you feel misunderstood or frustrated, and your work feels mitigated. It is the place where your effort and desire meet, but don’t align. The wall you keep hitting when your skills and fears limit your business growth. Or when your confidence is undermining your productivity and you are no longer enjoying life.

I work with you to better align the personal or people part of business so you move forward on the path to creating the results you seek.

The truth is you don’t have the get everything “right” to be successful and happy. Or have superhuman motivation, limitless willpower or master a tired model for prosperity. We all want to make great things happen, but occasionally we struggle to figure out what to do and how to do so.

There is a process or path for everything that occurs and identifying your process is the first step to forging a new one forward. The fact is, right now you’re probably already using some type of process to help you decide everything from what to make for dinner to whether you should start a business, take a new job, drive or walk to work, go on a vacation, or get a dog. But this “process” is more like a group of scattered thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that aren’t clearly defined, understood, or followed consistently. In other words, it’s a recipe for inconsistent results.

This is why I created the Four Stages of Making Sh*t Happen: Awareness, Choice, Action and Commitment. These stages comprise a specific process for you to identify and follow your path of least resistance to consistently produce the results you want. Let’s work together to move you or your organization forward with clarity and confidence.

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