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Let’s Work Together

Building the plan.

How does coaching work? It begins with you—finding yourself or your organization at a crossroad, frustrated or uncertain looking to make a big decision or change something. Be it a job, business model, habits or goals. I work with you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Typically, when we get frustrated with one thing it affects everything and the key to correcting it is using the same idea in reverse. When we build confidence and success in one area it will help all areas.

Most people and organizations I work with are struggling with what seems like big problems. Be it their business direction, revenue challenges, career paths, life’s purpose and communication hurdles. We often view these challenges as mountains that are tough to successfully climb in one go, but together we can build strong habits to get you to the top.

The key is to begin with small stuff that is less daunting and build the habits of action and confidence through clear communication. Doing so will provide you with tools and momentum to tackle the bigger stuff with confidence. We’ll uncover your backstory, your motivation and your goals—we fill-in the holes, find what’s worked, and discuss what’s derailed. I will identify the common threads, important points and undertones that are often overlooked or are hiding. Once we have a good awareness of each other the focus shifts to building momentum and taking strategic small steps forward towards something new.

All of this becomes the foundation for getting you or your organization back on track and feeling strong. My goal with every client is not to help you get from where you are to some mythical end goal; it is to get you through the crossroads you’re at and provide you with the resources you need to solve future challenges.

I work with clients in one-to-one settings, small business coaching, team workshops, or speaking opportunities. If you have a question or situation that keeps circling around your head or through your organization, contact me. Let’s build a plan to solve it.

One-on-one coaching

  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute sessions
  • Client completes a pre-session coaching form
  • Each session is focused on learning from the actions and results committed to during the previous session. We fine-tuning the actionable items and plot the next step forward
  • Provides ongoing individualized accountability, tools and ideals
  • Take away exercises
 All one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted  face-to-face, Skype, email or telephone. For corporate coaching, speaking events and workshop requests please contact me with the details.

Small business coaching

  • Initial 60-minute consult to assess fit and scope
  • Weekly 90-minute meetings in person with owner(s)
  • Ongoing email, phone or text support
  • Business assessment
  • Business/marketing project brief development
  • Daily/weekly action plan development and execution assistance
  • Research and referral

       Additional services offered

  • Business and/or marketing plan development
  • Social media strategy
  • Facebook marketing
  • Branding
  • Design and copywriting (content development)
  • Team review/assessment
  • Website development

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